Low cholesterol diet

Many causes of cardiovascular disease, in general, and high blood cholesterol and triglycerides related. Therefore, to reduce blood cholesterol, high cholesterol should be some articles containing fast food, especially the visceral type, egg yolk, and the cooking oil should be rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils, in addition, should also limit the amount of sugar, because pure sugar, such as sucrose, glucose, absorb quickly, easily converted to triglycerides, consumption of pure sugar against the best food or drink.

First, the food choices:

1. Milk:

Only eat less whole milk, chocolate milk, cream and all kinds of cheese, skim milk and eat milk.

2. Eggs:

Eat as much as possible egg yolk, all kinds of fish eggs, roe, etc., to no more than three eggs per week, four principle.

3. Meat:

Fasting fat, pig skin, knuckle of pork, heart, liver, spinal, brain, sausage, shrimp, crab, mussels, oysters and all kinds of cattle and sheep have oil pork.

4. Dessert:

Pastries, cake, fritters, cakes, coconut candy, chocolate, all kinds of nuts, seeds and their products should only eat less.

5. Fats and oils:

Various animal fats, coconut oil should be fasting to margarine and vegetable oil instead.

Second, the general content of cholesterol in food

Foods containing high levels of cholesterol ﹝ mg / 100 cm ﹞

Brain 2000 Oyster 327 Butter 250 Veal 140
Yolk 1500 Liver 300 Mussel 200 Shrimp 125
Eggs 500 Cheese 280 Lobster 200 Beef 125
Kidney 375 Pancreas 279 Heart 150 Crab 125
Cream 120

Containing low amount of cholesterol ﹝ mg / 100 cm ﹞

Lard 95 Beef 70 Chicken (breast) 90 Milk 11
Mackerel 80 Lamb 70 (Rump) 60 Skimmed milk 0.4
Rabbit 72 Ham 70-105 Turkey (breast) 8-15 Mayonnaise 53
Duck 71 Pork 70 (Rump) 16-26 General Fish 50-70

Cholesterol-free food

Bread (made without butter, lard, eggs, etc.) Hard fruits, such as almonds, walnuts
Grains Protein
Fruits Jam, jelly
Vegetables Peanuts, peanut butter
Vegetable oils and margarine Gluten
Beans and soy milk, tofu and other soy products

Third, hyperlipidemia, daily intake of cholesterol should be below 300 mg.

Fourth, hyperlipidemia, should be diligent in moving and do regular exercise to help cholesterol excretion.

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