Causes Of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol may be from the body, not the food you eat

Many older people worry about their blood cholesterol, to dare more eggs, and has been the official health agencies at home and abroad, medical professionals and health institutions of cardiovascular disease, but also constantly warned people with high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease, one week can not eat more than 3 egg yolks. But this argument has been overturned in recent years, researchers found that cholesterol in eggs or in food on blood cholesterol levels had no or only little effect on red meat and dairy products in the saturated fatty acids, elevated blood cholesterol is to the real culprit.

Because of this, the British Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association no longer limits the number of eggs eaten, the British Food Standards Agency also said that as long as compliance with the principles of healthy, balanced intake of various foods, the majority of the people, not Special strictly limited the number of eggs eaten.

In fact, 70% of blood cholesterol is the body to manufacture, and only 30% from the intake of food, high blood cholesterol do some people try to eat high-cholesterol food and all meat, over time, blood Upon examination, blood cholesterol is still high, this is a problem because of metabolism, leading to excessive body to manufacture cholesterol, blood cholesterol was to have been cut down because, with the cholesterol content in food is not great relationship.

To improve blood cholesterol, should begin regulating the direction of the body metabolism, moderate exercise, quit smoking wine, lift the pressure and cholesterol metabolism in the appropriate selection of food to help make their stay away from the dangers of high blood cholesterol.

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