27 ways to keep your cholesterol low

Cholesterol in the body will be manufactured in order to perform certain important tasks one by one to help build new cells, manufacturing hormones, and nerve cells and other cells will be isolated. Only excessive, it cause problems. Unfortunately, on this matter, there are many confusing ideas, no wonder some similar terminology sky fly, such as dietary cholesterol, serum cholesterol, HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein cholesterol), LDL cholesterol (LDL lipoprotein cholesterol), you may not quite sure what good or bad.

Here we will let you distinguish. Dietary cholesterol mainly from animals. For example, an egg contains 275 milligrams of cholesterol; Apple is completely free. Most American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of 300 mg. Serum cholesterol or blood cholesterol measured. Healthy reading is 200 or less. Serum cholesterol, HDL cholesterol is in a class, because the function of arteries with washing, it was considered good cholesterol. The higher the amount of HDL the better. LDL cholesterol, cholesterol relative to the HDI, is the notorious artery obstruction. The content of the lower the better.

Next, the experts teach you how to reduce serum cholesterol

Note weight

Weight than the more cholesterol the body produces more. In the Netherlands there are items for up to 20 years of research, concluded: serum cholesterol, body weight is the most important decision factor. An increase of 2.2 pounds of body weight per (about 1 kg), cholesterol that is increased by 2 points. In addition, the famous Framingham Heart Study (Framingham) Center also found that blood cholesterol and body weight, significantly related.

* Dietary cholesterol, raise blood cholesterol, but lower than the saturated fats raise the low. “These three, the amount of saturated fat on cholesterol is far greater than its result, if your weight gain, elevated cholesterol levels in order to avoid, should lose weight. But in a healthy way to lose weight. “Diet, vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, etc. should be accounted for 2 / 3. Remaining 1 / 3 of the heat from high-fat meat and dairy products and high calorie food available. “Lasongsibo Earth said.

Reduce fat intake

“There are three major factors in the diet affects blood cholesterol.” Said Dr. La Luosha. In order of importance, are:

* Saturated fats, raise blood cholesterol.

* Polyunsaturated fat, lower blood cholesterol. Mak agree with this view that Dr. Ma La.

“The role of saturated fat, dietary cholesterol than three times also severely.” It is best to learn smarter, reduce intake of meat, butter, cheese, and hydrogenated fats and other foods rich in saturated fat. As much as possible on fish, poultry, low fat dairy products and polyunsaturated fats, such as corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oils (samower) are replaced.

Use olive oil

And other foods such as olive oil eleven nuts, avocado, cano1a oil, peanut oil eleven inclusive of the rich in monounsaturated fats. Earlier, monounsaturated fat people that do not affect cholesterol levels, and now that this matter may have cholesterol-lowering effect.

Grand brother of experts found that cholesterol diet containing high levels of monounsaturated fat, low-fat diet than to take a strict but also help reduce total cholesterol. Furthermore, his research also showed that monounsaturated fat can selectively reduce the bad LDL (low density lipoprotein ), and retain good HDI (high density lipoprotein).

So, first try to take low-fat diet, and then, one by one day add 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 (or equivalent material of similar one by one rich in monounsaturated fat). Make sure you are using monounsaturated fats “instead of” other fats, rather than add to this additional beneficial fat.

Forbidden to eat eggs without

Do not have to remove the eggs entirely by diet. Although an egg contains about 275 milligrams of cholesterol, wheat, said that Dr. Ma La, about 2 / 3 of people can be to meet the additional dietary cholesterol does not increase the amount of cholesterol in serum. This is because their body will produce less cholesterol, or by those who will be discharged over the way to adjust the high intake. In his particular study, 50% of the patients for 6 weeks to eat three eggs a day. As a result, increased cholesterol levels during this period the number of less than 1 / 3. If you like eggs, but want to eat at ease, that restrictions after the best week 3. Since only eggs with cholesterol, so do not think twice the amount of protein, such as making cakes, you can replace a whole egg two proteins. Scrambled eggs, can be used for a whole egg plus 2 one by one 4 copies of protein.

Intake of legumes

Nutritious and cheap beans have a water-soluble fiber, called pectin (pectin), this material surrounded by cholesterol and trouble before it, will it be excreted. Anderson, an expert on cholesterol, studies show that the beans in a cholesterol-lowering effect . Experiment, half a day to eat 1 cup of cooked beans of men, only three weeks to the 20% reduction in cholesterol. Dr. Anderson said, added 6 mg of soluble fiber per day, most people can be done. Beans is not only reasonable prices, and many types, such as beans, lentils, lima bean, soybean, black eyed peas, pinto beans, etc., do not worry about eating greasy. These beans are a lower cholesterol.

Eat more fruit

Fruits contain pectin, can also lower cholesterol. Dr. Shida found that grapefruit pectin (found in the peel and pulp) in the eight weeks, with an average decrease of 7.6% cholesterol. Since each decrease of 1% cholesterol, 2% or lower probability of heart disease, Dr. Shida significant effect of grapefruit pectin. To get the amount of pectin used, Dr. Shida, you have to eat about 2 cups a day and a half grapefruit slices. If not easy to swallow, “can eat different kinds of fruit. For example, half a grapefruit for breakfast, an apple for lunch, dinner, eat orange slices, and so may effectively lower cholesterol. ”

Intake of oat

Oat bran can lower cholesterol in a manner similar to pectin-rich fruit. Many studies have shown that oat bran and beans in fact equally effective. To get Dr. Anderson recommended to take 6 grams of soluble fiber on the amount, you can add half a cup of oat bran cereal or made into muffins (muffin). A California study showed that eating two a day of oat bran muffin medical students, ate four weeks, 5.3% lower serum cholesterol. Although the oat bran fiber containing more water, but oatmeal can lower cholesterol. According to Northwestern University School of Medicine, a day in the low-fat diet supplemented with 2 / 3 cup oatmeal, and its effect to lower cholesterol better than just taking a healthy diet. In response to these findings, the United States is trying Nongye Bu improved varieties to be bringing out more p-81ttcan containing oats, scientists speculate that this substance cholesterol buster.

Intake of corn husk

Georgetown University Hospital nutritionist Il (1eslie Ear11) found that corn bran and oat bran and beans Jieyou the same cholesterol-lowering effect. Those with high cholesterol and low-cholesterol diet and try to lose weight to control the situations, eat a tablespoon of corn meal bran (or juice in mixed farms), 12 weeks, found that 20% of cholesterol is reduced significantly. “The production of abundant low-calorie fiber is worth further exploration.” This research report.

Carrots help to

Carrots for containing pectin, can also lower cholesterol, said Dr. Hage Lan. In fact, the “two carrots a day to eat alone, you can enable patients with high cholesterol decreased by 10 – a 20% cholesterol.” So many people enough to restore security in the amount of cholesterol. Incidentally, the Gan basket vegetables, broccoli, and onions also contain pectin, calcium, this component is why scientists believe that carrots work material. Therefore, these vegetables may produce similar results, said Dr. Hage Lan.

More exercise

Exercise may reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, Professor Tang Pusheng said. “Enhance the beneficial HDL (high density lipoprotein) is one of the best ways through the full movement, so also a negative marginal decrease in LDL (low density lipoprotein) . “” Movement to enhance the body after a meal in the three meals a day, the ability to eliminate fat in the blood. if fat does not stay long in the blood, is able to reduce its chance to accumulate in the arterial wall. We found that running, their in vivo clearance rate of fat people who do not exercise more than 70% faster. “Therefore, start moving!

Moderate intake of lean beef

Surprisingly, red meat (eg beef) is a source of saturated fat, competition may be good for the heart of the food, the condition that it must be a block of meat, and the need to remove all visible fat. British researchers gave the men have high cholesterol, low-fat high-fiber diet to include one day 200 grams of lean beef (no fat). Fat content of the diet only 27% of total daily calories, than most Americans consume 40% also much lower. Moreover , these men in the amount of cholesterol decreased significantly by 18.5%. The researchers concluded that “as long as careful to remove most of the fat, can lower cholesterol in the diet plan, adding the right amount of meat.”

Drink skim milk

Pennsylvania State University food science professor Dr. Jila Luo suggestion: drink skim milk. He conducted an experiment, volunteers daily in the diet supplement 1 quart of skim milk (about 1.14 liters), 12 weeks, those with high cholesterol decreased an average of 8 % cholesterol. Dr. Jila Luo skim milk, there is a non-fatty substances can inhibit the liver manufacture cholesterol.

Taking garlic sauce

Researchers have known for a lot of raw garlic consumption can reduce harmful blood fats. Unfortunately, eating garlic will be left behind bad breath. To make matters worse, the heat of the garlic odor will lose the effectiveness of lowering cholesterol. However, there is a Japanese system of odorless garlic, said Ky ยท olic, seems to lower blood fats. Some had high cholesterol in people, daily doses of 1 g Ky01ic garlic (about 4 capsules or 1 teaspoon of the volume), after six months, their cholesterol dropped by an average of 44 units.

Try Psyllium

Rich in fiber of psyllium (psyllium seeds), in addition to the main components laxative Metamucil, may lower cholesterol levels. In one study, Dr. Anderson found that three daily doses of Metamucil (1 teaspoon each) of men with high cholesterol in eight weeks, about 15% lower cholesterol. Bo Anderson soil, if the diet alone still can not reduce the amount of blood, bile due to alcohol, may wish to Meta-mucil psyllium products and other assistance.

Reduce the intake of coffee

Texas researcher, Dr. Dawei Si (Barry R. Davis, MD) that an increase in coffee and cholesterol. More than 9,000 subjects, he found that drinking two cups a day or more cups of coffee, his cholesterol is much higher than others. Although this study did not point out that this is precisely the kind of composition caused by coffee, but, there are items Finnish study showed that the coffee pot of boiling coffee is part of the reason. To boiled coffee filter method does not raise cholesterol. In short, the ingredients are suspected of caffeine that does not seem to blame.

Do not smoke

The addition of a reason to quit smoking. New Orleans researchers Folimanbo soil (DavidS. Free-man, MD.) Study found that a week is only the young people smoke 20 cigarettes, a significant increase of the phenomenon of blood cholesterol. In addition , the Swedish study showed that smokers easy to reduce the beneficial HDL cholesterol in the blood. However, when they quit smoking, HDL levels rise quickly and significantly.


According to Carson (Margaret A. Canon, clinical nurse specialist) said that a simple relaxation method can lower cholesterol. She found that a low cholesterol diet in patients with heart disease, twice a day listening to light music, as compared to lower their cholesterol to read for pleasure more than the patients. Against cholesterol supplements nutritional supplements can reduce cholesterol it? Some researchers seem to think so.

The experts believe that the most likely supplement their descriptions.

However, you increase the intake of nutritional supplements before the first physicians to determine.

Nicotinic acid: “High doses of niacin can reduce total cholesterol and cholesterol LDI.” Famous Dallas, Texas, Cooper said the researchers. “The best start from the low dose, for example, one day until the 100 mg. And then increasing in a few weeks to 1 eleven 2 g, three times a day. “Sudden surge carefully the amount of nicotinic acid may cause the body red, small intestine problems, sometimes may affect liver function. Before use, be sure to discuss with your doctor. Nicotine Thiamine is another form of nicotinic acid, although the body does not cause red tide, but no significant effect on fat.

Vitamin c: researcher Jack (PaulJacques) found that vitamin C enhance the beneficial HDL levels. He estimated that daily doses of 1 g, 8% increase HDL. Another study showed that taking high-pectin diet, the other adding vitamin C, can reduce cholesterol levels even lower than the only high-pectin. Convenience, many with high pectin fruits and vegetables-for example oranges class, fan before, potatoes, strawberries, spinach eleven are also rich in vitamin co-C.

Vitamin E: A study in France and Israel to show that daily doses of 500 international units of vitamin E, 90 days, HDL levels increased significantly. “Our results support a high blood fat people use vitamin E.”

Calcium: If you are taking calcium supplements to strengthen bones, you may also help the heart a favor. One study pointed out that 1 gram of calcium per day, taking eight weeks can be reduced by 4.8% cholesterol. Another study said that 2 grams of calcium per day, 12 months, may drop 25% cholesterol.

Other solutions

Substances with potential anti-cholesterol

The following substances may also help fight high cholesterol. Although they have not been thoroughly explored, but preliminary studies have through the dawn.

Tea: or, more precisely, is the tea tannin (tannins), may help control cholesterol. One study found that high-cholesterol diet in the habit of drink with people who have normal blood cholesterol levels.

Lemon grass oil: This common Oriental cooking spices, in a study found that more than 10% can reduce cholesterol. It may interfere with an enzyme reaction by inhibition of cholesterol formation.

Spirulina (spirU [ina): This is a high white algae products, powder and tablet form. In Japan, there is a voluntary group of patients tested for high cholesterol, taking seven in each meal Spirulina 200 mg, resulting in total and IDL cholesterol concentration decreased.

Barley: long been regarded as a healthy high-fiber cereal, barley may also have the ability to lower cholesterol, and oats the same. In animal studies found that there are two chemical components of barley can reduce cholesterol 40%.

Rice bran: This fiber material may be as effective as oats drums. The hamster (hallu-ter3) made a preliminary study found that more than 25% Mitang can reduce cholesterol.

Activated carbon: grinding, this material commonly used in the relief exhaust may live in the body’s cholesterol molecule F3 them out of the body. Studies have shown that those taking 7 grams of acute carbon, three times a day, around 41% of their LDL levels drop.

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